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A New Year, More to Experience at A2OCA!

Our Kindergarten students have resumed their lessons for the winter 2023 term. On Monday, January 9th our on-line instructor, Mrs. Anna Ramirez, welcomed students back to her on-line classroom and in-person classes started on Wednesday, January 18th. Students continue to work diligently to grow in their knowledge of mathematical concepts (numbers to 100, skip counting, before and after numbers, addition families from 1-6, patterning), their phonics skills, their memorization skills, and their appreciation of the good, true, and beautiful in art and literature.

We began the winter 2023 term by reading and discussing ‘Stellaluna’ by Janell Cannon (which centers around an orphaned bat named Stellaluna who, in time, learns what it means to behave like a bat), as well as ‘Owl Moon’ by Jane Yolen (which is about a child and his father going owling to find a Great Horned Owl and is written with simile and metaphor to help the reader/listener feel, see, smell, and hear what the child is experiencing). Our Preschool students continue to develop their color, shape, and letter recognition, as well as their number sense. They continue to enjoy being read good quality literature each week (e.g., ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ by Bill Martin Jr. and ‘The Animals’ Christmas Eve’ by Gale Wiersum) which serves as the entry point to delve into new vocabulary, participate in instructor-led discussions on various new or interesting concepts, and engage in hands-on activities that develop their fine and gross motor skills.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we move forward with both programs and support our students to grow not only in their knowledge of the world around them but, also, in their love for our Triune God and the Creator of it all!

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