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Misson, Vision, Values, and Goals

Our School Mission

The mission of Ann Arbor Orthodox Classical Academy is to provide a classical education in an Orthodox Christian environment, allowing our students to grow to their full human and spiritual potential, with the ability to engage society as mature followers of Jesus Christ.

Our School Vision

The vision of Ann Arbor Orthodox Classical Academy is to foster the next generation of leaders for the Church and society with fully developed minds, bodies, and souls.

Our School Values

Please see our CLASSICAL EDUCATION and CURRICULUM pages—The information there will tell you all you need to know!

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Our School Goals

At A2OCA, we support our students to:​

  • strive for academic success

  • develop a love of learning

  • appreciate the value of classical languages, math, science, the arts, and music

  • be creative and responsible

  • engage in a traditional learning atmosphere

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