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We offer a cohesive curriculum in which the 12th grade curriculum is designed first and the Kindergarten curriculum is designed last. That way, we are focused on the end goal of an education at A2OCA and offer a curriculum that sustains that end goal, resulting in students’ mastery of foundational skills and the acquisition of the necessary skills and tools that support their success in 12th Grade.

With this in mind, we present a portrait of an A2OCA graduate:

A2OCA are able to think critically given the information available to them, critique when necessary, think before speaking, articulate effectively, and, above all, live a Christ-centered life that is virtuous and honors and respects our Creator and everyone and everything around them.

An A2OCA student:

* appreciates and respects all life and radiates Christ-like love;
* eloquently communicates with those around them when asked to contribute their thoughts;
* is humble, discerning, wise, and virtuous in thought, word, and deed; and
* prays and seeks, above all, the Kingdom of God.

To achieve this portrait of a graduate, students in the lower elementary grades are exposed to strong phonics instruction and begin learning Latin in 2nd grade (Church Slavonic and Greek are taught in later grades). In order to facilitate their recall of information, students engage in repetition and drills and participate in chants and songs. Learning about subjects such as science, history, and geography is done through a carefully curated selection of stories and teacher-led discussions. Students are taught to write in cursive and they are encouraged to write in cursive for all assignments. This not only develops their discipline, eye for precision, and attention detail, but, also, fosters their love of beauty.

The curriculum is developed and tested at the Highlands Latin School in Kentucky, and its students in the elementary and secondary grades consistently outperform their peers on nationwide standardized tests.

Ready to join us? Print out and complete the application below. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our academy family!

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